Friday, September 16, 2011

'Maybe It's My Fault'

Check out this commercial that was made some years ago. It is really thought provoking. So many people are full of excuses. They want to blame everyone and everything for their failure. But they are the ones to blame. Stop looking for others to blame and start looking at yourself. Give your best, do what's right, let go of the bad influences and negative surroundings and you will succeed as well.


  1. I absolutely love this video. Whatever we need in life whatever we want to accomplish takes hard work to get there. Nothing comes easy, it would be a mistake to think that way.
    Hard work and dedication takes you where you want to go in life. Being lazy and expecting opportunities to come to you and get dropped on your lap is just plain silly.

  2. Very Interesting and powerful to understand... it is no one's fault but mines at the end.

    Leonardo Da Silva

  3. This is very strong and so true. We always want to make ourselves believe that we cant accopmlish something beacuse something or someone is the obstacle. We always find excuses but it takes one quick second of thinking to realize that whatever we put our mind to we can accomplish we just have to put aside the excuses and our fears of messing up. Yess we might make mistakes the first few tries but we should learn from them and they should make us stronger and should push us even more to not quit and to keep going till the end. i like this video its very inspiring.
    -paulita zetino

  4. wow!!! speachless
    michelle salazar