Friday, September 2, 2011

The day I almost got raped. Part two (when thing's got hot)

So, I guess I should pick up from where I left off...

Well, the third or fourth time I went to this young ladies house, something completely unexpected happened. We began to... let's just say "heat up" a little too much. Again, no one was home, and the environment was perfect for something to happen. But I honestly didn't want anything to happen. I knew I would probably smooch a little with her, but that was about it. I had decided I would not sleep with her, because I knew that would be wrong before God. Of course with what I know now, I would never have put myself in that position in the first place. But I was immature (especially spiritually speaking), and so I made a stupid decision.

Anyway, before even a kiss was shared, out of what seemed to be the clear blue, this girl says to me, just like this "I'm gonna sleep with you today". I said "what! No way!" And she repeated "you're going to sleep with me. I decided already". So I laughed, and was like "I think I'm gonna go, before you try something". But I was taking it lightly, because she was a very petite young lady, so I'm thinking there is no way she could force me to do something with her.

Jumping forward a little bit. We went back and forth jokingly for a few minutes, until I actually stood up to leave, because I recognized that she was serious. But the moment I stood up to walk toward the door, she grabbed a chair and pushed me down on it. Let's be clear, I didn't fall like some helpless rag doll, but I wasn't expecting the push, so I did fall right in place on the chair.

The next thing I knew, she jumped on my lap and started kissing me and trying to undress me. I was like, "no, get off me, I'm not going to sleep with you". But I was still thinking she was just playing (taking the joke a little too far). So I used my strength to get her off of me and headed to the door. When I got to the door, she threw herself in front of the door, and said with a serious face, "YOU"RE NOT LEAVING, UNTIL YOU HAVE SEX WITH ME'.

At that point I saw in her eyes that she was not playing. So I got a little serious, but still in disbelief that she was coming on so strong. So I said to her, "no, I'm leaving", and I tried to softly move her from in front of the door. At this point, she completely spazed out on me. She grabbed my arm and started dragging me away from the door. At this point I started using my strength to pull away from her, and I couldn't.

Now, I would like all of you to keep in mind, I was very attracted to her. I thought she was really pretty. But I was trying to resist, so that I would not upset God. So I was having a double battle in my mind. One side of me was saying "what are you doing? Are you crazy? Look at this girl. She is forcing herself on you, and look at how good she looks!" But the other side of me was saying "Get out of here! Get out NOW!" And so I didn't know which voice to listen to.

I think that's enough for today. I will really finish it on Monday. Just keep an eye on the blog.


  1. Hahahaha :-)))) Muscle macho Damien running from a girl?! Very funny now! But this is exactly what happens when the fear of God envelops our heart. But the same thing happened to me in the process of my deliverance. Only you're a man, you could brake out if you really wanted to. But as you said yourself the real battle was in your mind, your emotions. Because at this point we're undergoing an inner battle trying to deny our flesh in order to please God. But keep in mind I'm a woman, it's not easy to flea from a man trying to rape you, especially if you have any feelings for him. But thank God I did. This is the mistake a lot of people make, thinking is OK to flirt as long you're not sleeping with them. But the question is, how long can you control your fleshly desires?????

  2. OH, by the way, I love the Caricature!!! That's probably the exact facial expression Joseph had. Very funny if one think about it, can you imagine? A man running from a woman in fear of a sexual intimacy? Only you and Joseph when he ran from the Potiphar's wife. Only for God huh! :-)))))

  3. Another cliffhanger AGAIN!! Really?!!
    your killin me here Pr Damien, your killin me

  4. This story is put in a very funny way, I laughed at the girls boldness and complete lack of discretion. You don't see this happening often. Normally it is the other way around.

    Reading this story leads me to think of how easily things can happen to destroy us if we don't use our minds to think. Really think, what the right thing to do in that moment would be. Before throwing ourselves in a situation that we might not be able to get out of. This helps us to learn from your experience that if you thought sooner, you would have not put yourself in that situation. Deep down there was something telling you that to be alone with her was wrong. but you didn't listen to that thought... We need to learn to think before throwing ourselves into ANY situation. Can't wait for tomorrows continuation.