Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspirational Video #2- Impossible is NOTHING.

This video has a very strong message. How many people say that it is "impossible" to do this or that. Nothing is impossible if you believe. Isn't that what Jesus himself said. "All things are possible to those who believe".

You need to believe in yourself and God. You have to reach higher than what everyone says you can reach. And believe bigger than those around you. If you listen to the voice of the world, they will always tell you that things can't be done. But that doesn't mean that it can not. You need to demand more of yourself because impossible is nothing. As the video said "they didn't accept it, and neither will we". I say, "if all those people could accomplish great things, then impossible really is nothing and listen to me well, "I will NEVER accept it"! What about you?


  1. Almost 7 minutes, but it was worth it . Its true .. many people say things are impossible, but honestly nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!! Especially when we have God... who can come against us ..

  2. Some of the people (if not, all) were unbelievers, yet they defied the odds to achieve the impossible in their lives. On the other hand, Christians know what is said about nothign being impossible in the Bible, but are we believing? Are we acting upon it? God is the creator of all things and beyond. These people got to where they are through thier own will and zeal and ahcieved great things indeed. Now imagine if we have this passion inside of us, and God by our side? How much greater?

    This has been an eye opener for me personally, and I will be sharing this post on my Facebook, and telling my friends to watch this!

  3. I needed something to remind me that with God all things are possible.. thanks for this blog.
    michelle salazar